16 Tat would really be helpful.Thank you so much akka.RegardsRonald, Hi Steffi Akka, I stumbled across your video on Facebook and searched the web and youtube for more videos, finally found Madras Samayal. So Steffi, keep those variety of wonderful recipes coming.Thank you. Spread the joy of cooking !!! Hi steffi, I am thankful to your cooking tips.I never entered kitchen and scared of cooking. In this video we will see how to make kothu chapathi recipe in tamil. The video is brought to you by Madras Samayal. Thank you very much for sharing your lovely comments Sunitha, I am really very happy to see your comments. Will definitely try the recipes. Thank you so much Elaine, I am glad that the recipe turned out good. You became my inspiration. ), ( can u tell the amount of coconut water to add for basmathi rice & white rice for bhuriyani? Am a great fan of your cooking.vendakkai pulikulambu .it was a super hit. Can you please share the link of "attu kall paya" or upload youtube video. Thanks Angela. ), ( Hai steffienaku english theriadhu. Have a nice day. I like all your utensils used. Vazhaipoo Poriyal Recipe in Tamil | வாழைப்பூ பொறியல் | Banana Flower Poriyal | Geetha Samayal, Semiya Kesari Recipe in Tamil | சேமியா கேசரி | Vermicelli Kesari | Geetha Samayal. As you aware it is widely and cheaply available in US. You have made One of the best cooking videos available in the YouTube, You have a great style of explaining the recipes with perfection. Also, we used to get a type of cake in Nagercoil called pudding cake. I am not a good cook before I know about ur videos and website. Now I am cooking many varieties at home. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you do, and that you have helped me to learn how to prepare good food. Cup and spoon measurements are fine for general cooking. Vegetable cutlet recipe is very easy to make and can be served as a party / evening snack. Hi SteffiThanks for your reply. In West Indies we don't get much of raw spices.So we use powder(chilli,corriander,jeera etc). Keep going girl! Sambar rice recipe is one of traditional recipes from South India. I am glad that you liked the recipes.Sorry I don't have any app as of now. I am renewing my kitchen utensils. Bombay Potatoes. I will share more recipes soon. Hi, This is Krishna from a PR agency called Avian Media, Chennai. Happy Cooking Keerthana!!! Today I have seen paal kozhukattai. I will share more recipes soon. 5 lovingly, manju seelan. Traditionally Indian cooking recipes are passed on from mother to daughter, I have learnt several authentic recipes from my mother, grand-mother and my mother-in-law. I suppose the quantities of spices should be altered...can you tell me what spice modifications are required to double the recipe and achieve the same taste? My 8 year old daughter suggested me about Madras samayal 10days back. Thank you so much :). Keep innovating and uphold the traditional cuisine of India.All the Best,Abdul, Hi steffi akka,Am Ronald from Tirunelveli, working in Trinidad (W.I). Hi Steffi, You're recipes are super easy and I have to mention that the way you teach us is very impressive. Exactly for people who would like to enhance their culinary skills, especially bachelors and spinsters. We used to invite them during home parties and they were all huge fans of my cooking. The ingredients are quite simple as you have already guessed, bread, milk,sugar and ghee. Perhaps the heat index of the chilly powder we get here may be high I thing. Lunch Box Recipe in Tamil | Vegetable Rice with Spicy Egg Roast | Lunch box ideas in Tamil – Dinner Recipes Madras Samayal | Dinner Recipes Madras Samayal. This comment has been removed by the author. This variety rice recipe is an excellent lunch box recipe and can be served along with potato fry or with fryums. Your recipes are too good i tried your recipes it comes out very well and good taste. I am gonna try cooker cake for the first time. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and compliments Keerthana, I am really very happy that you liked my recipes. Falafel and hummus are made from Chickpea and they are high in protein content. Thank you very much for your feedback.I am glad that you liked the recipes.I have not recorded the video yet.I will upload the video and post the recipe soon.Thank you for your interest. Thanks. Thanks allot for sharing , getting ideas how to be more organised watching your videos. I would like to congratulate you on doing a great job of providing recipes with pictorial insertions and videos which are very informative and easy to follow. Hi Steffie,Good Morning! Thank you very much sister, very simple and easy to understand all the recipe. I too got the interest from my mom. I want to know what kind of utensils you suggest and what brand. And started my cooking now I am becoming fat and my dishes are vanishing. This is the first time we are away from home. But native is nagercoil. என் 7 வயது மகள் உங்கள் சமையலை பார்த்து சமைத்து தர சொல்கிறாள். Then I would make these dishes during the weekends for my friends. Butter murukku, mutton biryani, home made garam masala we're awesome tries of mine after watching ur videos. Now that the snow is around i am so scared of driving in snow and i was desperately looking for a site where i can learn to cook something simple for survival. This whole recipe can be made under 20 mins. You didnt tell about that line "Naavin suvai arumbugal malarattum". The added coconut bit adds crunch to the paniyaram and creates a wonderful texture. If not can u post a recipe for Pepper Mushroom. I am glad that you liked my recipes. Ha ha Thank you so much Nancy for sharing your lovely comments (sorry for the late reply)Your comments are very encouraging, Thank you so much, it means a lot to me.Have a nice day Nancy. Great blog. Please post curry recipies where bachelors like me will find it easy to cook. 32 My native is nagerkoil, shifted to chennai with family during my B.E and now in US after marriage. Srilankans love Kothu Prarotta. I like your recipes. do you have any recipe for neththili karuvadu? I've never been near the kitchen but was always passionate about food. I have used the the exact proportions you have mentioned. Good luck! Yummy taste. I will try the chettinad recipes on your site and hope it comes out as yummy as it looks :), Thank you very much Roanne, I will upload the recipe before next weekend.Happy Cooking :), Hi Roanne, I have uploaded Chettinad Chicken Curry Recipe in our blog please read it here : http://www.steffisrecipes.com/2016/08/chettinad-chicken-curry-chettinad.html, Hi Angela this is Priya from Sydney . Hi Angela!Your butter chicken recipe is the best! Your email address will not be published. Hi Steffi..wanted to say tht u look awesome...n the both of u make such a lovely couple. I am fan of ur Bisibelebath recipe.Please include more vegetable curry items.I want to know one thing Steffi.Antha mini red mixie jar (From bisbibelebath recipe) enga vangininga.Its so easy and compact.Beginner tips for cooking videos upload panunga.It will be very useful for beginners like me.All the best .Thanks,Sharmiela Ganesan, Hi Steffi,I tried ur chicken biriyani receipe .yummy!! ), ( Thank you very much for your comments. The cake i made weighed about 1.5 kg you can double the quantity,if you make 3 kg cake in 1 batch it will be very hard to get it cooked evenly and will take long time to bake which will result in a very dry cake. This is really good. Hi Steffi.could you please upload a videos on how to make idly batter for getting soft idly n crispy dosa.I live in UK and i always end up with a diaster in the idly recipe, Sure Priya I will upload Idli dosa batter soon and some tips for fermenting the batter. Please and thanks. Any substitute suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Hi Angela Steffi,I am Abdul from Denmark (born in A.P. How to make an easy and delicious Eral Thokku for your loved thank you so much steffi. Perfect explanation and perfect recipes. Excellent. All three came out well. I have been cooking for more than 15 years. All the best. Your recipes are so easy to follow! Plz upload much more recipes in future. Karandi Omelette Recipe in Tamil – Egg Recipe | Madras Samayal. but in some way it remain unique. It is an ideal snack to prepare for surprise guests or as an evening snack. It was a super hit. please share your feedback after trying the recipes. I never cooked in my life. Hi steffi , This is shammi , interested in cooking and lately am into baking , when i was searching for butter murruku i came across your you tube channel , i loved your recipe , the way you explain is too good and it sounds as if one of our own family member is explaining things with care , hope to see more baking recipes from you thanks and good luck. Like it has become the style of cooking for me, what you do through your recipes.And really you are a sorta highness for my South Indian friends here in Cambridge during the weekends in Kitchen! Stumbled onto Madras Samayal today on Youtube.Loved your easy simple methods and your clarity in explaining the recipes.Very neat presentation in a cute kitchen.My mother is a fabulous cook.Checked your recipes to compare with hers some are the same.Beginners will love to cook watching your videos and with your warm style.You make it seem so easy.I recommended you to my daughter.Wishing you the very best dear. Hi Steffi,Can u pls tell me the cookware brand you are using. Please post more breakfast recipes. I am really glad that your daughter likes my recipes. My hubby had huge praise for his mom's cooking. I am going to cook Pattani Kurma / Green Peas Masala, Paneer Peas Masala and Vegetable fried rice for my girlfriend and family tomorrow. Cooking is my passion. I wish I stayed near by your place to come home and personally learn the recipes from you and gobble on the dishes you make ;). All the very best. Hi Jeeshma, I have already shared vatha Kulambu recipe in madras Samayal Youtube channel. They all loved it. Most useful..thanks a lot...Taste Redefined..I'm a big fan of yours... Hi steffi, I am very much interested in cooking. Our favorite recipe of yours is the "Mutton Ghee roast". Can you please share your mobile number if any doubt I can clarify with you.Keep posting always....Thank you. Whenever I went home during holidays I would relish on the food which my mother made.

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