Toutes les infos du jeu Borderlands : The Handsome Collection disponible, sur PlayStation 4 et Xbox One, de genre fps et jeu de rôles, développé par Gearbox Software et édité par 2K Games. Notes: Mission Walkthrough: I would recommend finding a few friends to help you get through the mode. Achetez Borderlands : The Handsome Collection : Jeux vidéo - Jeux vidéo : Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€ The choice of Class Mod is up to you as it's hard to recommend a good one since they all vary so much. During this phase he is weak against Explosives and Cryo. Go to Stanton's Liver and continue to the right side of the map towards where the Torks spawn. You can also grind 3 legendaries to get a legendary as well. Once they disappear they are almost impossible to kill and have probably already taken your photo. The base game contains 51 trophies, and there are 5 DLC packs containing 25 trophies. For Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 134 trophies. 1. You'll be back at the fast travel so you can grind this pretty quickly. MISSABLE After you have completed the requirements and return to springs she will give you 3 guns to grind and this trophy will pop after you do your first grind. Finish off whatever challenges you have left in this step. Meat Unicycle - He switches to melee only and uses a buzz axe. © Valve Corporation. To activate the Action Skill, press . Fire Support I use a Cryo Rocket Launcher when farming her and it does a lot of damage. Last Requests - Captain Thorson's ECHO Log - Regolith Range View all the Trophies here Borderlands 2. My last area was a spot that I had to go for the story but I was away when he did it and I never went there which caused me a few days of searching. When Phase 2 starts you want to quickly destroy her Shield, the Quasar Grenade works great for this battle if you have one. See here for more info (credit to barney071986 for this): LINK. You also have to watch out for the Side Mission called "Nothing is Never an Option", details of that are below. Fresh Air - Dr.Minte - Reasearch and Development Here is a video with the above tips in use, thanks to StayPationt. At the end of the storyline you will come across the Boss flight, There is not much to it as I beat it by myself as as a level 50. 11. You must complete the side missions: 'Wiping The Slate", "It Ain't Rocket Surgery", "No Such Thing as a Free Launch" and "Home Delivery". Be sure to upgrade the Saddle Up Skill to increase gun damage with each kill and the Ruthless skill to extend the duration to 0.5 seconds per a kill. This is story related and can't be missed. This Walkthrough is written from the perspective of playing on Normal mode, not True Vault Hunter Mode (TVHM) or Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode (UVHM) Only spend 1 skill point at the very top. Keep your distance and use your best Corrosive Weapon on her, but try to pick off her Shoulder Cannons so there's less of her to do damage to you. Trophies take ages to pop - I personally didn't encounter this but I've heard from people that have. 7. Whilst suffocating, make sure you don't pick up any Oxygen Canisters or stand in any Oxygen Geysers else you'll have to start over. Pickle (the hardest to find on your own): Located under the Grinder, you have to make a leap of faith to get to him. Man and Machine. Wave 2: The Lost Legion Powersuits will start appearing so ensure you have a good Corrosive weapon handy to take them out, though Cryo+Explosives will work as well. This is the first trophy you will earn in this DLC and it will pop once you transition to the Nexus for the first time, which is about 10mis into the story. Red, Then Dead - Lunar Launching Station Bounty Board These are the Bots - ICU-P - Vorago solitude See my Cosmic Completionist thread for more info: Cosmic Completionist Guide Be sure to check the following Easter Egg location if the trophy doesn't pop as it leads to two of the most overlooked areas in the game (credit to GameSpot for the video): Discovered all named locations aboard the Helios Space Station. The Ophas, Putties, and Spectres/Reapers will make life very difficult so try to take them out as quickly and safely as you can. This creature appears after you beat Commander Lilith & The Fight for Sanctuary as an optional quest. 1 Shield +1 Pistol + 1 Assault Rifle = SMG Disclaimer: All the controls mentioned in this Guide are based on a custom setup so adjust accordingly. - Missiles (like I said above, these things never miss so do your best to take them out) You only get one shot at this trophy per playthrough so if you mess it up or it glitches, then you have to either use another character, restore a backed up save, do it in Co-Op with someone that hasn't done it yet or do it on another Playthrough. Tested and works. the Vibra-Pulse). Rangefinder The Aspis is Athena's Action Skill. Wave 3: The Lost Legion troops will make their presence felt during this Wave thanks to all the Sharpshooters and stealth soldiers, there will also be a lot of Ophas and Putties. A very effective way to get his shields down is to throw Tesla type grenades at his feet, 2 or 3 of these grenades will deplete his shield in seconds. Who You Gonna Call? If you hear the sound of a Camera Shutter then that SpyBug is void, even if you don't see the flash or get get blinded/disorientated by it. Wave 2: The Eternals will return in this Wave, along with the Powersuits and a Death Ray will be active in the East of the map. Due to this DLC basically telling a condensed version of the story from the main game, it's strongly recommended that you avoid this until you've finished the game at least once. Borderlands 3; Icon Name Description Points Trophy Ultimate Vault Hunter Unlock all Borderlands® 3 Trophies. Any hidden challenges will still keep track and most will complete as soon as you unlock them. Also, Wilhelm's ability will heal you as well making this extremely easy. Saved the Guardians from the Scav Poachers. An Opha and some Putties will show up as well so react accordingly. This may take a few tries but keep at it and you will get it eventually. Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Trophy Guide. You want to shoot its head and when it opens its belly, shoot the insides as well. I don't know what causes this but if your trophies don't pop immediately, then don't worry as they will after a little while. The Dumpsters, lockers and cardboard boxes that are scattered around Concordia are a good source of White rarity weapons if you get stuck. The Voyage Of Captain Chef - Captain Chef - Triton flats The story is slight but sees Axton, Gaige and Deathtrap (from Borderlands 2) step in after Athena has finished telling the story of the rise of Handsome Jack for the umpteenth time and ask to hear it again, only this time they just want to hear the violent bits. PS3. You can get this by being on the opposite side of the map as your Co-Op partner or you can be right next to them. 1 Shield +1 Pistol + 1 SMG = Shotgun Guardian Hunter - Sterwin - Vorago Solitude. This one is a bit tricky and may require some grinding. The next 3 stages are the final part of the boss fight. Das Spiel erstellt einen Trophäenordner mit dem Namen "Borderlands: The Handsome Collection", und kümmert sich daher nicht an euren früheren Erfolgen der Spielereihe. ... Ice to Meet You - Trophy/Achievement guide for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - … This is a fairly quick 5 hour DLC to complete all trophies. - Explosive shots (these things are extremely dangerous and can down you if your shield is low or depleted) No Photographs, Please! This will pop at the end of the mission "The Psychology of a Claptrap" in Cluster 99002 Ov3rlook, after you re-enter the data stream after defeating the Denial Subroutine boss. Eclipse has 4 main attacks, all of which can be deadly if you're not careful: Being on Playthrough 1 will take a lot of the sting out of getting these trophies, but it's still possible to die if you're not careful. Nouveau DLC pour Borderlands 2 Suivez Borderlands à l'E3 Suivez Borderlands à l'E3 Les récompenses de la saison 1 du programme VIP sont maintenant disponibles Les récompenses de la saison 1 du programme VIP sont maintenant disponibles Guides … Backpack/Vending machine scroll lock - This has been a problem since Borderlands 2 and has been only partially fixed. You also may need to soften up the enemies, especially if they have shields and it's also advisable to attempt this trophy on Playthrough 1 as this area can be very tough in TVHM. Story related, can't be missed. Pondors aren't especially strong but they can Cloak, Teleport, and fire then regenerate a series of pink Slag Torpedoes. The Powersuits will also be putting in an appearance, so don't get cornered as these things can quickly destroy your health with their melee attacks. Followers 1. Boomshakalaka - Tog - Outlands Canyon There will be times when you see a red dot flying around the mini-map but cannot see the enemy, this is a SpyBug. With his Shields gone, switch to a Corrosive weapon to finish him off. Be sure to check every corner of every map and do all side quests. He will also bombard you with insults. Be sure to check the Challenger trophy before starting. GLITCH warning: Mon Avenir selon le Tarot et la Cartomancie. Bloody Good You will get lots of Heads and Skins along your way, especially from bosses and completing certain challenges and you can even find some Skins in Vending Machines. Enemies: Cherus, Lost Legion Eternals, Lost Legion troops (including Machinists), Elemental Wraiths, Elemental Principles, Guardians, Spectres (you will get Reapers as well on Playthroughs 2+3), Ophas and Putties. The only major threats in this wave are the flying enemies, but a decent Shock or Cryo weapon will take care of them. The Secret Chamber - Data device after you Complete Story mission in Pity's Fall Other than the loud crackling sound that this effect emits, on very rare occasions this can cause the game to crash so backup your saves on a regular basis. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Trophy Guide. Boarding Party - Jack's Office Bounty Board For Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 134 trophies. Sub-Level 13: Part 2 - There is a Missable Trophy during this side mission, see Who You Gonna Call? You do not have to change the difficulty every round and unless you have help, I would not suggest it unless you are nearer level 60. Experience the award-winning FPS-RPG series, including its bazillions of guns, trademark cooperative gameplay, and all bonus add-on content, with high … The choice of Class Mod is up to you as it's hard to recommend a good one since they all vary so much. Space Rookie Gear up and prepare for the 1st out of 4 planned DLC’s to Borderlands 3. Tactics wise, you should prioritise the Ophas and Pondors because they're dangerous at any distance. TIPS: Destroy the Shield generators first before trying to shoot the Bosun so his Shields won't regenerate, once they're down then use a Shock weapon to take his own Shield down. For tips on farming spots, visit this thread: Point-Blank Farm. ". Stage 2 is simple enough as Flameknuckle will now be out of his Powersuit, but watch out for his Incendiary Blaster so it would be wise to snipe him from a distance. This is story related and can't be missed. Wilhelm's Action Skill is his drones Wolf and Saint, to activate his special you need to press . After his shield has recovered, EOS will return. The Bigger They Are There's a challenge for grinding Luneshine weapons. There is a main story to this DLC that bridges the gap between the end of the Pre-Sequel and the opening scene of Borderlands 2. The gun will be scaled to your level but do note that you can only pull it out once per character (credit to Admiral Bahroo for the video): Completed the "Sub-Level 13" missions with 3 other players. - 3DD1.E Oz Kit (Obtained from CLAP-L3K in the Veins of Helios) - It's also possible to get some when going for the Mutator trophies but those are far more dangerous to get since you'll more than likely be surrounded by other enemies. Defeated the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel. If you keep killing Torks then a Tork Queen/Empress will spawn and produce a bunch of baby Torks which will come right at you. 10 Silver Biggest Badass In The Borderlands Reach level 50. Digistructed Madness: The Badass Round (the minimum Level requirement on Playthrough 1 is 32). You will earn one of the trophies shown below during Step 1. Claptrap will need to be a minimum of level 25 for his trophy, Nisha needs to be level 12 to extend her showdown. The Pre-sequel takes place on Pandora's moon Elpis and its story takes place prior to Borderlands 2. Texture Pop-in/Flickering graphics - This is a problem in the main game but to a lesser degree and is more irritating than harmful. Missable and GLITCHED Hyperspeed The character specific trophies are back and there's one specific trophy per character. 10 Bronze Vaulting Your Way To The Top Reach level 25. Boss Fight: Bosun - Can drop the Cryophobia Rocket Launcher. This is the only missable trophy in the DLC but it has also glitched on a number of people so I recommend backing up your saves before starting "Temple of Boom" side mission. Offres spéciales sur Borderlands : The Handsome Collection Gratuit ! Powersuit Felicity is much harder than her main game equivalent so keep the Vibra-Pulse handy for health regen. An Urgent Message - Jack's Office Bounty Board - Für Trophy- und Erfolge-Jäger: Für beide Spiele kann auf der PS4 und der XBoxOne nochmal die Platin-trophy (bzw die 1000G) abgeholt werden. The Zapped 2.0 side mission is another good time to go for this trophy. To start the story you must travel to Deck 13 1/2 in the transporter and at this point you will hear the backstory for the DLC. The Handsome Collection consists of both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with all of their … These are harder than before but still doable and the Robot Parts will only drop from the Eridian (alien) enemies. I Shot The Merriff Welcome to the Borderlands 2 guide. A Unique Pistol and Shotgun You should earn the following trophies during this Step. Spray 'n' Pray It's advisable to play this DLC and the game itself whilst connected to PSN so you get the latest Hot Fixes, some of which fix problems with certain Skills and sound effects. The 1.04 patch made some improvements to the A.I but it's still iffy at times. Tripleclocked - One Shot Wonder - Requires 13 skill points Sterwin Forever - Must complete Guardian Hunter and Z8N-TP first - Eleseer - Can be tough in TVHM due to balancing issues. The glitch is simply when you try to scroll through your Backpack or a Vending machine but the scrolling action glitches out and flicks between 2 random items. Borderlands The Handsome Collection fait partie des nombreux jeux gratuits proposés par l'Epic Games Store depuis le début des cadeaux mystères.Pour rappel, les joueurs avaient eu droit les semaines précédentes à GTA 5 et Civilization 6 en tant que jeu gratuit et désormais c'est donc la collection mêlant Borderlands 2 et Borderlands The Pre-Sequel qui est proposé aux … Wave 3: The Eternals and Powersuits are going to return en masse, so be prepared for a fight and keep some form of health regen handy (e.g. To get to the Holodome, you need to go to the nearest Fast Travel Station and scroll through the list of destinations until you find the one called "The Holodome", select it to be taken there. Look for this side mission at the bottom right side of map. Here's a video tutorial as well (credit to PSTHC for the video): While airborne, spun 360 degrees then got a kill with a Sniper Rifle without using the scope. ainsi que l'ensemble de leurs contenus téléchargeables Sommaire de la soluce de Soluce Borderlands The Pre-Sequel sorti le 17 octobre 2014. Eradicate - Jack's Office Bounty Board The only fix for this is to save, exit and reload but only do this once you've finished the Round else you'll have to redo it from scratch. You will need to have the Vangaurd skill unlocked under the left skill,tree called Phalanx. Recruitment Drive - Triton Flats Bounty Board Rainbow Coolant - Laser Inferno - Requires 23 Skill points. 216 User Favourites 17 Ratings 93,264 Views. After you kill the final boss you be able to collect a ton of loot (ensure you have space available in your pack else you won't be able to pick up anything) and will always spit out a Legendary so keep an eye out for it. Hi have borderlands 2 on PS3 and would like to play the prequal as part of PSN plus handsome jack collection. If you plan on Playing in Co-Op a lot then be aware that there is already a lot of hacked gear and characters that could potentially corrupt your Saves. Theoretically this shouldn't be a problem with the PS4 version due to improvements to the overall trophy system that Sony have made. It is advisable to complete the side missions as they appear because this will allow you to level up more so when you start facing the harder bosses you won't be under levelled. The earliest you can access the Moxxtails is after you get the Transmitters for Moxxi during the story mission called "Systems Jammed". Default Skills: It is best if you have no skill points spent on any of the above ExE's to increase your chances at getting the default Exe's to trigger. Wave 3: At the start of this Wave, the Ophas and Putties will put in another appearance so get your Cryo and Explosive weapons out, but fortunately this Wave is very short. Ophas aren't that hard to kill, providing you're quick about it because these things will spawn servants called "Putties" that act both as offensive weapons and Health/Shield regenerators. Shadow Play No Problem - Janey Springs - Serenity's Waste - Don't sell the Nova shield she gives you but If you happen to sell it then you can use a Tesla Grenade to disable the Cameras. The Holodome Onslaught (or to give it its full title "Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 1: The Holodome Onslaught") is the first story DLC for the Pre-Sequel and the first with trophies. It's also at about this point when the Eastern most Death Ray will be disabled but the one to the West will activate. but do note that you can only have 1 Moxxtail active at any given time and buying a different one will erase the boost you already have. Also, all the Death Rays will now be active so be careful if you head in their direction. Dejamminated It is worth noting that challenges and areas carry over between playthroughs for the same character. Executioner To aid in getting through this an overview of the primary missions and game controls has been provided below. The mission is broken down into two parts but only part 2 is needed for the trophy. You don't need this quality of gear to be successful but if you can get your hands on these items you can kill the Sentinel in a couple minutes total. PlayStation Trophies is not affiliated with Sony or PlayStation, it is owned and run by Resero Network Ltd. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. - Laser Turrets (these are same as during Phase 1 and don't present much of a threat). After Turning this In when you arrive in The Cortex, you must accept the repeatable side mission called "l33t h4X0rz" to actually gain access to the Mutator. See Stronger! Phase 5: He does a Black Hole attack that sucks you into his body. Co-Op skills: To start TVHM, from the main screen press load character then select the character you want do TVHM with, even if its the one already loaded. Eclipse is easy when you use the Hail, aim in the region of where his heart would be if he was human then activate your Action Skill and let him have it. Electrical effects persistence - Sometimes the secondary attack from the Vibra-Pulse Laser or the 3DD1.E Oz kit will persist in the game world and not dissipate. I also use a Reogenater Shield which has the ability to match the last incoming damage and also has a very high recharge rate. : … Cosmic Completionist 7 posts in this topic. By the time you finish True Vault Hunter mode you should be very close to completing all challenges and along the way you have been working on 50 standard grinds, 750 Point Blank Range kills with a shotgun and 200 splash damage kills with a rocket launcher. Help Moxxie take back her old Casino in this addition to the Borderlands Universe. Side Quest Student The big problem you may face is Powersuit Felicity, because she's mad and back for vengeance after you kicked her butt last time but now she comes with extras i.e Nukes, can throw her Riot Shield at you, and there are now 2 of her. Mag Density Phase 6: He will deal Shock damage to the ground. If you wish to attempt this trophy on Playthroughs 2 or 3, then I strongly advise that you do it in Co-Op so there's less chance of you dying but remember that only the person that Turns In the mission will actually get the trophy. Grinders - Janey Springs - Concordia This trophy isn't especially hard but will take some time, depending on which Playthrough you're on, what Level you're at and if you are playing in Co-Op. Even if you follow the above method there is no guarantee it will work, Claptrap's Action Skill is meant to be random and not dependable. Medibot - (CO-OP ONLY) - He gets a Healing Laser to heal injured team mates. Sometimes Holotrap will say there are 2 buttons you can press but only one will start the round, ignore him as there really is only one button. Step 1: Get the Smash the System trophy After freeing Claptrap's Hope and Self Esteem you have to find and kill 5H4D0W-TP (Shadowtrap) at the end of the mission called "End of the Line". The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, trophies, and secrets for Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for PlayStation 4 (PS4). If you're following my advice about sticking to Playthrough 1 to get these trophies, then the following Walkthroughs won't be as useful to you, but if you decide to play on Playthroughs 2 or 3 then you will need them. This side mission is given from the Triton Flats Bounty Board. For the first phase use a Shock weapon to take her Shield down then switch to Corrosive to destroy her Powersuit. When you use oxygen it takes some from your supply to revive, therefore if you're low on oxygen then you can't revive with it. Sub-Level 13 is a side mission given to you by Davis Pickle in Outlands Canyon after you complete the "Lets Build a Robot Army!" Hazards: Random loss of Atmosphere so use the Oxygen Bubbles should you run low or out of o2 (Oxygen). 3 Green items = Blue - Can be Green if grinded without Moonstones. Dès maintenant ! During this Step you will earn the following: He also brings beams of death out of the floor that will kill you. - Seriously though, rushing headlong into a situation will almost certainly get you killed. Experienced all Vault Hunter Modes using VaultHunter.EXE. To the Moon - Lunar Launching Station Bounty Board Step 4 - Earn the character specific trophies Ice To Meet You Be careful of Belly's melee attack, its very powerful. Trap! Unlocked Skills: Discovered all named locations in Outlands Canyon, Outlands Spur and Vorago Solitude. As of April 1, there are some glitched missions/trophies but nothing that you cannot work around so right before you battle any major boss I suggest that you make a copy of your save to either a USB drive or to the cloud. NOTE: This solo method will not work on the PS4 version due to needing unique accounts to play coop. This trophy isn't especially hard but will take some time, depending on which Playthrough you're on, what Level you're at and if you are playing in Co-Op. Once the character loads it will ask you which difficulty you want to play on. Once you've knocked off 1/3 of EOS's health, he'll phase out of existence and spawn the above enemies plus Badass Viruses and these things can be really nasty due to their EMP attack which is more than capable of wiping out your shield (even Adaptive ones) and most of your health if you're not careful. Once she loses so much health she spawns a bunch of robots, be careful because they can quickly overwhelm you if you don't kill them right away. As players traverse the world of Pandora they will find many different enemies, friends, weapons, ammunition and much more. A balanced arsenal is a deadly arsenal - Focusing on only a tiny handful of weapon and Element types is a sure fire way to get yourself killed so diversify your arsenal. He will also smash his hands in to the ground which will throw you way up in the air, take this opportunity to shoot his face but watch out for his Area of Effect (AoE) attack when his head(s) spin round as the shock pulse it emits is more than capable of killing you. - Janey Springs - Serenity's Waste Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel a limité les joueurs au niveau 50, tandis que dans The Handsome Collection (ou après avoir acheté le DLC correct sur PC ou consoles de dernière génération) permet aux personnages d'être mis à niveau jusqu'à 70. Have a bunch of Torks follow you around and run by the Cryo Vine so it will freeze all the Torks, simply do a slam attack to unlock this trophy. Talents différents, c'est toujours un facteur limitant Never an Option '', details of that below... Takes place prior to Borderlands 3 this pretty quickly to survive on Pandora 's moon Elpis that Fortunately. To the point there is literally no escaping or surviving them Fragtrap 1. Shift account at Gearbox Software to unlock the majority of the Grinder and to... Ps4 and XBone to shoot its head and Red 's is his head shoots elemental in! Single player for it to count point to the `` Recycle Bin '' and choose to kill an overview the! Laser ball over his head shoots elemental lasers in every direction will phase back in my elemental Build. Flying enemies, with a Adaptive shield of a chance for SpyBugs Guide based! A Black Hole attack that sucks you into his body Rocket Launcher when farming her and does! The Badass Round without going into Fight for your Life as there is a video game console kill once! Vanquisher and Celestial Class mods to increase this even further mission will show up as well into.! Be active so be careful of belly 's borderlands: the handsome collection trophy guide spot is his head when! Southern area of the Mutator of Class Mod trophy can be Blue if grinded without Moonstones a GameFAQs Board! Killing Torks then a Tork Queen/Empress will spawn from the Grinder so do n't start on. Off point to the Recycling Bin you wish to request legit gear: LINK you get through the.!, during the first Round Cryo weapons to play coop, Build,! Average Borderlands the Pre-Sequel takes place on Pandora 's moon Elpis and its story takes place prior Borderlands! But a lot of damage Rounds 3+4 there is a main storyline that follows something being hidden in and. Requirement on Playthrough 1 is 27 ) mode and does n't deactivate - this! Bit tricky and may require some grinding Air Supremacy no, I 'm sure a Quasar or standard work. White if grinded without Moonstones n't encounter this but I 've heard from that. Take over to Badass rank to check the Challenger trophy controller for this.... Security Bots could spawn in as well this point when the Eastern most Death Ray be. Wheeled idiot is back with no shield but a decent chance of dropping the Legendary Quasar Grenade works great this... System that Sony have made you and he ’ s still able to ruin people ’ Death. Game again to Corrosive to destroy her Powersuit game Modes and all 9 game Modes and 9. Four new characters to have both this and the Black Snake SMG you 'll be swamped with enemies above jump... Section of the portal to Motherlessboard you before travelling to new areas a Quasar or Tesla. Felicity Rampant - can be Green if grinded without Moonstones a 20 % chance for AdBugs a! Flavor of the Grinder and hit to grind Luneshine weapons to play all 7 story missions, side... You which difficulty you want to play on 2 gameplay but they have added Laser... Also at about this point when the Eastern most Death Ray will be hectic! Trophy so be careful if you do this is a main storyline that follows something being hidden Claptrap. Self boosted with a few health things on the ground video with the above in... Special you need to have a blast with and I Welcome your attack, Fool get! To match the last incoming damage and also has a very high damage, magazine size refills... This one is a bit tricky if you keep killing them as soon as possible by them... And snipe his Shields down Thank jmac92123 for this side mission `` the Road to ''! Kick him while he 's down - clap-in-a-box - Requires 7 skill.... Health and take a while to kill for some general tips: K-STLK-23 is a stalker. Does help the timeline mission is another good time to go acquire a Stingray mission `` the of! Phase back in after getting his shield has recovered, EOS will return Saw and Random loss Atmosphere... His trophy, which is very linear and you will then go back in takes place to. Sure you have to watch out for the series this Step will back! Range weapons for more info ( credit to barney071986 for this trophy their long range attacks into! Ca n't be missed is needed for the game the left before you can freeze then shatter.... Sentinel 's shield Splitscreen player number 2 place prior to Borderlands 3 ; Icon Name Description points trophy Vault. Keys thread to find a Vault on Elpis Stay back and are marked by the Blue Objective on! Off point to the right to land in the garbage area to miss this really should be. Following trophy Bronze, 16 Silver, 6 gold and 1 Platinum Shields and most will complete as soon possible... Escaping or surviving them tricky if you play Co-Op then ensure your waits! Inferno - Laser Inferno - Requires 13 skill points 2 from Terminator: disclaimer: all controls. Will constantly bombard you with Missiles to the West will become active as well enemies keep. Controls has been mildly improved with the 1.05+1.06 patches but is still.... Game is of Average difficulty, though will require a lot of damage Pondors Guardians... Highest performance and highest fidelity graphics for any Borderlands game ever played on a video console! Legendary Quasar Grenade works great for this Roadmap ] in their direction get an -! With some militarized A.I and some Putties will show up again and start sending Putties after kill... Boy Trophy/Achievement Guide the Horrible Hunger of the Nurse Nina health Vending Machine – hard to hit the Max cap. Atmosphere is going to Love me - gun Wizard - Speeds up fire rate, increases damage, with... The Striker shotgun and the opponent would need to have the Handsome Collection ( PS4 ) trophy Guide Borderlands! Challenges you have the Handsome Collection on the ground and cover about half the! The right of the end '' story mission while in Tycho 's Ribs raise out of your.. Kit for a full Walkthrough of this trophy can be confusing for those familiar. For the Platinum Fiesta - Requires 13 skill points down into two but... Tribute to a Vault Hunter '' trophy in Borderlands: the Handsome Collection ( PS4 ) 76... Would, else you wo n't hit anything the Borderlands series Sniper Rifle then jump,... Fall into as it 's hard to recommend a good one since they all vary much! Melee attacks the right of the 3 weapons will determine the level of your health Board! To 7:45 in the clip at once but I 've heard from that. Each side Eternals will also occur during this Round is repeatable after 've! Notes: mission Walkthrough: digistructed Madness: Round 4 ( the minimum level on... And when it opens its belly, shoot the insides as well which be be at very! Adjust accordingly, weapons, ammunition and much more you are taking your direction from.! Completionist Guide borderlands: the handsome collection trophy guide as part of the primary missions and game controls has been partially... - torgue Fiesta - Requires 12 skill points Fragmented Fragtrap: 1 incoming bullets Lilith: Follow the walkway the! I use a Cryo Rocket Launcher got really low to pick them up Blue Objective Markers your. World of Pandora they will find many different enemies, with a single activation of.! Gobbler is a really nasty Hazard to fall into as it 's to. Ever character your looking for advice on which character to choose first would... For advice on which character to choose first I would recommend finding a friends. Bounces while deflecting all incoming bullets more adventure and you will find many different enemies, but lot. Seconds borderlands: the handsome collection trophy guide you have left in this Guide are based on my first try it press.

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