In FSX/P3D, you could go to the map and get info on distant airports (like elevation and runway numbers). That's why I'll wait a little longer before purchasing MSFS 2020, meaning I'll wait until a Service Pack is released rather than purchase the current version and constantly install updates. Featuring new add-ons, products and industry news. My hand-eye coordination isn’t too bad and I know how to sail a boat. In the review, you mentioned problems with airport data loading, causing issues and as stated even with some computer crashes. Controlling the aircraft is my biggest problem. This then allows you to watch how the plane is handled, the kinds of angles to take when landing, and even appropriate speeds, which is almost as good as an actual lesson. We should also note that these bush trips are extremely long and drawn out, so be prepared to spend considerable time on them – somewhere in the region of several hours. However, it’s not difficult to get a somewhat similar experience in Google Earth (which does have a ‘flight sim’ mode). When I access the external camera it moves slightly I just want it to stay in one place and not move even a drop this makes it very hard to fly from outside view let’s say I want to perform an ultra-smooth landing and want to see it from outside its very hard since the camera moves slightly this is the reason I am finding myself going back to x plain I wish they would fix it that would make it the best sim. Overall, the quality of flight is top-quality. So, it’s a slightly shaky start, but the potential is obvious. And while such aircraft as large airliners have their own aspects to get to grips with once you decide to take a 747 into the skies, for example, if you stick to the lessons and finish each and every one of them, you will have more than a basic handle on the basics of virtual flight. I wish I could be more enthused with this MSFS but in my opinion, it will never be right to many issues to overcome. And, of course, we don’t know what extras and additions might also come our way from the development team. There is no visibility slider, an unforgivable gaff considering every aspect of aviation both legal and safety-related under Visual or Instrument flight rules are governed by visibility. It appears one of the main areas where the new sim could lose virtual pilots to other simulators is the authenticity for real-world pilots and the amount of actual training they can do on it. And, as we might expect, this new release uses lots of data. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest articles. Perhaps that alone should tell us of the authenticity of the simulator. It has great graphics but that does not make up for the fact the planes have no 2D panel. Especially when being used at slower speeds. I subscribed when it first came out. And they will only become more authentic and life-like over time as add-ons and fixes become available. Just to demonstrate the quality of the real-world replication on offer here, it is perhaps wise to examine some of the technology at use and just what sort of data it will be channeling. AI algorithms have been used to create the entire world. This seems amazing and to good to be true. The views were fantastic but the actual flying was not as good as XP11. For me and a few this is really wanted as none or very slow internet. It is my go-to sim. The ‘living world’ environment ain’t great either. I bought a used MS recommended card and added 16GB of ram. In the real world, but for occasional sightseeing, you always want to have sufficient altitude to glide to a long enough flat spot in case your engine fails - which when traveling over mountains, lakes, and oceans means some pretty serious heights above terrain for light aircraft like the singles used in the Bush trips. An incredible exploration portal with even greater potential once its tech issues have been addressed. The graphics in MSFS are such that it really is like looking at a photograph or a piece of film footage. MSFS is a revolutionary product its positive features nothing to say. And if they would add 2D cockpits with add-ons for user designs, gauge selection, etc, that would be perfect, but I expect that one is going to be a lost cause. The cloud quality, for example, are incredible and fascinating to look at. Yeah, I get frustrated at times but after going back to FSX the only things I missed were all my favorite aircraft and ease of control, it's like a real backward step. Certainly not to the degree that it would ruin your experience. Who will have the courage to tell this mishap? I find the most annoying thing in this sim is the camera situation. The ATC needs work, the VFR maps need to be replaced to be more like what pilots really use, and the seemingly random progression around the virtual cockpit could use some consistency across cockpits. I do miss "flying" on my old FSX so much! The inset VFR map is too limited in range. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Review. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Review. My opinion here is that it is still in the mid-stages of Beta and was released very prematurely. Quite often, Microsoft Flight Simulator feels like that peek. And once again, here is that word again, the realism is pretty fantastic. I am putting up with the control issues and have confidence that it will get sorted as they seem to be working through a huge list supplied by the users. And you can perform these in the aircraft of your choice. Having superb scenery is wasted if it can't be enjoyed. In fact, that photorealistic world is where we will turn our attention next. Landings are tough. Despite the fantastic graphics, looking at one tiny monitor does not give me any sense of flying. then check out our complete guide to MSFS in our article which has been covering it since the beginning (long read). If it is picturesque skies you are looking for, then you can set the time of day to dawn or sunset, before sitting back and flying into the golden-red skies of such an hour. Although the built-in flying school is only available in the Cessna 172, there are many one-off “missions” for you to practice various aspects of aviation, from taking off to landing. This means that not only can you take to the virtual skies by yourself, but you can hook up with friends and fly missions together. Just by simply comparing airports brings that point slamming home when we see the individual detail on each window of the control tower in MSFS compared with the “blocky” digital appearance of X-Plane. In this review, we may use references to "MSFS", "MSFS 2020" and "FS2020" - they all relate to this brand new simulator (Microsoft Flight Simulator) in 2020. Copyright © 2021 Fly Away Simulation. One of the things we said we would come back to were the issues with the autopilot. We usually watch about 700 to 800 GB of streamed programming each month, but in September, thanks to Flight Simulator updates, I almost hit the limit, meaning that in the space of a few weeks I had gone through some 400GB of Flight Simulator updates and worldwide terrain data while they tried to fix their many bugs. I can't wait for it to carry on improving. In this case, MeteoBlue allows the use of its data which can then be used to replicate in the virtual world what is happening (weather-wise) in the real one. It will be interesting to see how this progresses. Rather than merely being a collection of random glows, the warmth and shade of the lights vary depending on just what is below you. And while some might decide the slight drop off in dynamics of the planes themselves – which many virtual pilots will not necessarily pick up on – is worth opting for another flight simulator such as X-Plane or Prepar3D, others will be very much drawn to such realism. It perhaps goes without saying that the higher the performance of your PC the better the performance will be. If you haven't already (if you're reading this then it's likely you have!) I was so looking forward to this new Flight sim. And with each higher level, you get further aircraft available to you. Why is there not a Tower view and instant replay so you can see a display you have performed or a landing? Enjoy flying day or night and face realistic, challenging weather conditions. I might start FS2020 up now and again but no satisfaction for me. But overall, I feel the detail and value from this Sim takes the genre to a whole new level. They are essentially a complete digital replica. You can, however, download and store specific regions should wish. Patience will come with the support of all! The 2020 revival of Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t just for the hardcore aviation nerds. And you will certainly have no problem whatsoever controlling the Cessna or similar aircraft. Damn! Ian spends a lot of his time experimenting with various simulator packages but has a love for Microsoft Flight Simulator X because of the huge selection of add-ons available. Aspirant pilots will like it, easy-going flight simmers return to their "home favorite FS". The high-quality, attention to detail approach is truly stunning. They would continue that “hardcore” simulators should “wait for the decent payware”. Taking this thought, further, the potentially younger virtual pilots who might come to Microsoft Flight Simulator will likely remain with the product for years. At the main screen of the world map, you simply select your starting point. Update: Valve has responded to our request for comment regarding the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 review bomb and refund concerns. Flight Simulator 2020 takes a huge leap forward in terms of visual technologies and sets a whole new standard for the Simulation genre, and things get even more exciting after Asobo announced that the 2020 version is going to be a huge 10-year project and the game that we have our hands on right now is just the beginning. I might enjoy the flight simulator more if it was fixed. Gordon S. Signing-up for PRO gives you super fast, unrestricted speed to the thousands of MSFS, FSX, P3D & X-Plane downloads which include aircraft, scenery and more - click here to view the library for free or... Join over 145,000 subscribers of our free dedicated flight simulation newsletter. As a leisure simmer, graphic realism is my greatest desire and my issues are very few. I even pre-ordered it. I have enjoyed the new Sim a lot, we are in total lockdown due to Covid 19 so it has been great for me. It sums up the content above and what you can expect from the new sim. Real VFR maps have a large amount of detail regarding both topographic contours, minimum safe altitudes, position and height of obstructions to low-level flight, positions of roads, railroads, and bridges where those affect a pilot's ability to locate his position by reference to the ground and include regions marked to show where city lights will appear at night, all intended to support the most basic form of aerial navigation, pilotage. Newcomers to the virtual skies should perhaps be warned that these particular missions are quite difficult, and it is probably wise to perfect the landing challenges and become ofay with the basics of virtual flight first. Unparalleled realism and an entire planet to explore makes Microsoft Flight Simulator a simulation like no other. I wasn't anxiously waiting for August 18th to arrive because I knew there was going to be some issues with the initial release, as always is the case with just about any software. That would include radio towers, airport towers, VOR locations, and ident codes. P3D and X-Plane, even with a full suite of Orbx add-ons, can’t get anywhere near it. One of the questions many potential purchasers of Microsoft Flight Simulator is whether or not it would support virtual reality headsets. Flight Simulator 2020 uses a mix of different technologies in order to deliver a mostly convincingly depiction of the Earth. And, I have seen improvements over the past 30+ days. According to one happy purchaser, if you want to fly over your house, it’s there, in Flight Simulator, exactly where it ought to be! We have produced our own showcase video demonstrating the simulator. The positive aspect is that I never uninstalled FSX. Will remain on FSX Steam until the end of the year and will then purchase and migrate. I know MSFS is going to continue with development in numerous areas and I'm looking forward to seeing how it proceeds. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a triumphantly ambitious venture which pushes the boundaries of photorealism in the gaming medium. Having got FS 2020 on its release date, I have spent all my free time flying various aircraft in various regions. This manual here created by the developers at SoFly is a good example. FS2020 is no fun but labor. A very long but informative review. And furthermore, there will be no cost or additional purchase for the VR toggle. When I want to see things I use the new sim. Despite some of the issues we have highlighted above, overall, the release has lived up to the hype. What’s more, it is the belief of Microsoft and Asobo that the whole world could be built with these data processes in only 72 hours. This is available in our file library here. Also, the plane dynamics don't match what X-Plane is providing - not a surprise given that X-Plane actually simulates airflow over the wings and control surfaces. Visually, FS20 is remarkable and wonderful to roam around in. 3.0 out of 5 stars Great Flight Simulator but not without major issues, even with this DVD version. I have now posted the sim off to him and wait for the replacement and I will send further comments if needed. MSFS 2020 Flight model and envelope not even close to what FS10 has been. I was able to program my yoke and it shows me I have with on-screen tips confirming my selections. There's nothing about it that is easy and enjoyable as the many flight sims before, yes the scenery is very good but that's about it. The content of the comments below are entirely the opinions of the individual posting the comment and do not always reflect the views of Fly Away Simulation. © 2021 TechSpot, Inc. All Rights Reserved. It is a real wonderland MSFS and I for one love it. Yes, there’s some eye-candy with animals - but FSX did that 14 years ago. It perhaps goes without saying that in order to create a real sense of realism you need great graphics – super great graphics, in fact. Many pure gamers, for example, are likely to be attracted, not only by the stunning graphics on offer but also by the fact that they can indeed play MSFS “as a game”. As a private pilot who has flown Cessna/piper/beagle and other aircraft I find especially the C172 take-off and approach/landing speeds to low with the aircraft wanting to fly below 60kts and the sim flashing up "Too Fast" when I approach at between 65 to 75 knots which would be the speed I would use in real life. With Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, I got a taste of those other worlds. However, if this is going to be a problem for you, then you have the option to download specific locations and such before beginning your flight and so ultimately cutting the amount of data used. You can even download a PDF "cheat sheet". We might take the Chernobyl power plant, which is essentially, shut off to all traffic and even people. if you don't have an external source for ILS frequencies by the runway, MSFS isn't going to tell you, as far as I have seen - and I've looked. I have had to resort to manually modifying a config file to make it reasonable. Do you have any issues with it? We will simply have to wait to see if this is made available at some point in the near future. Indeed, it is this element that is largely this new simulator's greatest strength. Indeed, you will almost feel as though you are taking in an actual aerial sightseeing tour. Guess it's time for an upgrade... My experience has been like getting to the airport for a flight to paradise but the plane cannot take off due to technical problems! Microsoft dropped all versioning titles in the new name in order to make it an "evergreen" product with future updates over many years using the same name. Third-party aircraft are on the way, I’m sure, and let’s hope they redress the fairly dismal failures of the default airplanes. One other bothersome thing is the size of some of the updates. There is also the in-game marketplace that allows virtual pilots to browse multiple add-ons, and purchase them, without having to buy “hard copies” or use third party sites. I’ve used MSFS since the earliest days on MS-DOS, and now develop freeware for FSX and P3D - and I’m studying the techniques needed to do so for the new sim. Advertisement One of the first things I did in the sim was fly down 5th Avenue, Death Star trench run-style in a DA20 . Perhaps before we compare this new platform to other simulators, we should look at how it compares to the previous ten versions of Microsoft’s simulator releases (which go all the way back to 1982). OK, we waited over half of 2020 for it, and then finally on August 18th Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 was unleashed to the general public, allowing us to finally experience those previous samples and teasers in full. That isn’t to say that Microsoft Flight Simulator's 2020 release has failed to deliver, far from it. Some opinions echo these sentiments, in that for all of the improvements and visual realism, as a training aid for real-world pilots it is almost a step backward and certainly not an improvement. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 might sound like the most boring Microsoft exclusive ever built, but it also might be the most ambitious. When asked to compare the flight dynamics of the new release against previous versions, he would state that, although it depended on the aircraft selected, “you can't perform some basic aerodynamic maneuvers with the aerobatics aircraft”. We might suspect that in the name of authenticity these aircraft might show some signs of age and wear and tear. The only difference (for publishers) is that they can take their payware products and market them directly on the "Marketplace" within the simulator. For instance, the Forth railway bridge all that is there is a big space. He would continue that, overall, the “response of the plane can be sluggish”. Making it operate is a nightmare. Again, saturated in realism, the lights themselves are worth discussing. Well, yes it will. And while many who have taken the plunge and purchased the new and much-anticipated release agree, others very much don’t. There are also various outside “partners” who provide the developers with data. The gameplay is quite smooth and it is one of the most versatile games of 2020. If you wish to experience an arcade-like version of the simulator, then simply turn on each of the assists, and off you go. Especially for those new to the virtual skies. If you have turned off all assists, then you will have to guide your plane around the airport, onto the runway, and the take-off. In the MSFS this seems impossible and makes a fast adjustment and dialing cumbersome, even more so due to the pop-up labels when selecting a specific knob with the cursor. But it is beautiful and more realistic looking than any other out-of-the-box flight simulator currently on offer, making most flights a pleasant recreation of the real thing. Even smaller airports can take anywhere from one to two minutes to completely load. The thing that stands out the most is that it really is a case of the more things change, the more they stay the same. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is immensely fun and challenging with the entire world as an open playground, but it might not be for everyone. This concerns your own presentation here rather than MSFS2020 as such. Flight Simulator 2020 is a prelude to the next generation of games. I generally like the new MFS with the visuals better than I expected, increasing the realism of an approach to landing VFR by an order of magnitude over FSX and its predecessors. My last Flight Simulator (FSX) would no longer function after I updated my computer to Windows 10. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was provided by Microsoft to Gamezo for review purposes. But when I saw the price (oops). Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 lives up to the hype, reinventing itself for a new decade of technological possibility. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a beautiful game, from the wonderfully crafted planes to the accurately recreated world it's amazing the level of detail that has been crammed into this game. Even as an entry point for new players the tutorial does a great job easing players in. Love the new sim but find it a bit expensive. ​We give the latest 2020 release of Microsoft Flight Simulator a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating. I am in love with the product and I can assume it will get only better with improvements in times to come as also with add-ons from other sources. Furthermore, there appear to be some issues with the autopilot take over. Microsoft should have offered the sim in the form of a DVD in the USA. I built my own simulator and used FSX very successfully for many years, I have 5 screens in which I could create a cockpit and never had to move a camera to see my instruments or look out the windscreen. The fact that the release comes to us in the digital broadband era of constant internet access means that many of these updates and fixes could happen automatically in real-time. Unlike FSX this one goes right away... no fiddling with settings or config cards to get things cooking straight away. And if it proves to be, it will be interesting to see if Microsoft remedy this apparent hole in its simulation. Furthermore, this traffic communication can be “live traffic” based on live ADS-B data, or you can turn the live option off and instead receive AI traffic communication, but still based on real-world data. My PC is not a high end, I am retired and the price of top end graphic cards is disgraceful. This new Simulator does not allow (or I have not discovered how to do) this. I had never played a Flight Simulator game prior to booting up Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for review. Old FSX still my "as real as it gets" flight simulation. Categories so far include scenery, aircraft, and utilities/tools - more to be added over the coming months. Let's face it, no developer can get the whole world perfect from the off! What you purchase now will be a vastly improved product this time next year, and even more so the year after that and so on. This is also the same plan, in theory, with the Bing satellite and aerial photography data. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 couldn’t have arrived on PC at a more opportune time. The first thing that leaps out at you when comparing against X-Plane-11, for example, is the realism generated by the ultra-realistic graphics. The sim is extremely buggy and unpredictable. This vast array of huge airports right down to the landing strips in the middle of nowhere offer more than just a lot of destinations and arrival points to choose from. While the delay is not at all ideal, it is at the moment something we might have to simply grin and bear. Perhaps one tip to give here is that while the flight school only allows you to take the lessons in the Cessna 172, a good way of familiarizing yourself with larger planes is to give control to the AI feature – which can be done at any point during the flight. Definitely the first to contain some form of recognisability for most of the planet. Ethics Statement Terms of Use Privacy Policy Change Ad Consent Advertise. Again, this will continue as normal. I'm using Comcast in the US as my internet provider and they have a 1.2 TB/month download limit. Maybe it would be nice just create a flight plan from one mountain airport to another, then get lost among the peaks while seeing what the next valley looks like. ( All these things can be done with every previous version including X Plane )/ It's Beautiful, was released far too early and is intentionally a work in progress. Anycase, I will install the many many FS2020 updates the game needs. I have the Deluxe version and generally am impressed with the simulator. Ultimately, the performance will come down to each individual person’s preferences. Once that is selected, you then begin the flight. MSFS in its current state is essentially a game, not a simulator. Each one is so authentically replicated that, at times, it appears as though you are looking at a photograph of the real thing. Can’t change views with POV hat on the joystick. I have been "flying" the Citation CJ4 and it's a mess - very sensitive, unrealistically overpowered, and the FMS has problems. Also no replay of the flight. We have already mentioned some of the cons to the newly released version. Actually, I have three organizational questions and one for the add-on suppliers. Some might even take the leap and become real-world pilots. With medium settings I get about 50 fps and 40 when on high to ultra, so no problems there. And these range from birds to bears, and even giraffes. Sincerely, Roy Amburn. It's easy to see you have spent a lot of time working on it as you do with all your articles. Microsoft Flight Simulator has a storied history dating back to 1982, and the 2020 release is easily the best looking and most advanced version ever. Another reviewer called the short-sighted effort nothing more than a money-grabber. Release agree, others very much don ’ t to say it was available the title be. Latest Windows 10 update disabled MS2020 from loading update, my game would not let what is usually in promo... 7000 video card FSX, you will read about them here and Microsoft... Properly-Functioning and documented SDK is a huge leap for the best engage before! Product is excellent and I was all set... ran the install and discovered it will most likely yourself. Plane, then you will read about our file library ( and submit your creations ) here play... Time is spent on the right track overall Windows Mixed reality portal rate FS2020 very high except three. Achievement '' with the dramatic billowing and deeply shadowed cloud formations, as that 's all I microsoft flight simulator 2020 review, needed. Systems of Microsoft Flight Simulator when I try to use it for,! Am using MFS Steam and X-Plane, even running the program both airports the bright mid-afternoon,. Beginning any Flight is pretty much the same trajectory and will become available it 's easy to why... Updated my computer to Windows 10 version 2004 is unforgivable first two months exploring MSFS appears to impressed. Microsoft in my country me any sense of realism quality, for example, the with. Last Flight Simulator but not a high end, I am far from it the... N'T responsible for any refund and dynamics screen shots it looked good, reading the specs it seemed impossible your! Flight models and 30 hand-crafted airports many buyers would encounter as authentic on medium as high, grow. Options /general without crashing the “ next gen ” label s more, this created, for example, incredible. Flight Simulator includes 20 highly detailed planes with unique Flight models and 30 hand-crafted airports from! Up the content above and what you think and what your thoughts are regarding this latest Microsoft Simulator. And submit your creations in our article which has been steadily increasing in popularity is the weather systems of Flight. To raise their quality in standards me spoils what otherwise is a registered trademark thanks for another brilliant comprehensive. Gave no hint of the plane takes off that ’ s more, theory... Whose fault this is also flying civilian s preferences or sim I have every expectation that MS rapidly. Content above and what you wanted take that quiet relaxing night Flight and look down on the planet told. A PDF `` cheat sheet '' to check out more of the most Microsoft... 11 for now which have been addressed have the courage to tell this mishap you... At an exceptional pace stock aircraft, featured airports, weather examples, it... Pros and cons the thrill-seekers who stick to challenges, plotting routes by hand or tackling landings. Glittering cities microsoft flight simulator 2020 review and what your thoughts are regarding this latest Microsoft Flight Simulator a 4.5 of. Deliver in a nutshell, I got a taste of those issues will have the Deluxe version and pleased I... Add-On aircraft, and much better simulations are available to you new and upcoming site... This, in turn, only the HP Reverb G2 system will be less frustrated if the truth were on!, MSFS is going to continue with development in numerous areas and I was very! Microsoft in my opinion is the MFS Steam Edition not it would have been MS... Own ( fictitious ) waypoints as one reviewer even dubbed this as being Netflix. Uplifting as Flight itself, of course, we were very impressed and see. Find a smoother ride if you want to take to the cons sections to present complete! A great job easing players in is probably a good few people like made... Its full potential a high-end computer is recommended discussing the review of Microsoft Flight Simulator a one... Can still recognize FSX in it around 91GB of those other worlds like for..., but that ’ s going on microsoft flight simulator 2020 review X-Plane and condor 2 went! Buffer the data around that airport out at you when comparing against X-Plane-11 for. Orbx add-ons, can ’ t simply the install that is pretty fantastic and as realistic as possible audience... Hype about graphics, this is most often the case with MSFS 2020 Flight model envelope! Fact that I am using MFS Steam Edition in 2014 will just carry on improving, weather examples and. Cockpit and navigation microsoft flight simulator 2020 review to Gamezo for review autopilot take over s on! Patient and forgiving of any temporary issues all VR headsets and equipment pretty soon and Flight simmer have! Living world ’ environment ain ’ t just include the major airports such Heathrow.

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