Albert, who was a Minnesinger, was loyal to the declining fortunes of the Hohenstaufen, and afterwards supported his brother-in-law, Rudolph of Habsburg, in his efforts to obtain the German throne. on the 29th of November 1830, a military revolt took place in Warsaw accompanied by the murder of the minister of war, Hauke, himself a Pole, and other loyal officers. By the invasion of these hordes several Turkish tribes, the Ghuzz and others, were driven beyond the Oxus, where they killed the Seljuk governor of Balkh, though they professed to be loyal to Sinjar. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. But the majority of the people, and especially the regular army, remained loyal, and the revolt was quickly suppressed. If the Bond aroused disloyalty and mistaken aspirations in one section of the Cape inhabitants, it is equally certain that it caused a great wave of loyal and patriotic enthusiasm to pass through another and more enlightened section. No ruler was ever more loyal to a conception of duty. 462. Much of the prosperity of the town is due to the residence of a great family of seths or native bankers, who were conspicuously loyal during the Mutiny. At the same time he mitigated the Francophil tendencies of some of his colleagues, accompanied King Humbert and Queen Margherita on their visit to Homburg in September 1897, and, by loyal observance of the spirit of the triple alliance, retained for Italy the confidence of her allies without forfeiting the goodwill of France. After this event the city was permitted to add the words "very noble and very loyal" to its coat of arms. Rhodes was first returned as member of the House of Assembly for Barkly West in 1880, and in spite of all vicissitudes this constituency remained loyal to him. The nobles were now of the English, now of the French party; none could be trusted to be loyal except the clergy, and they were factious and warlike. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. If you aren't near a Vidal Sassoon salon or have become loyal to your own stylist, rest assured bob haircuts are a fairly well known style that most hairdressers will be familiar with. His only loyal friends in the Committee of Public Safety, Couthon and St Just, were themselves unpopular. 7. A loyal supporter of Theodoric, he follows his master, when threatened by Odoacer, to the court of Attila. Indian history is full of faithful and loyal persons. Falling foul of Ormonde's brothers, seizing their property and using great cruelty and violence, Sir Peter drove the Butlers, the only one among the great families really loyal, into rebellion. On the outbreak of the war in 1675 he was the most loyal and energetic supporter of the young Charles XI., and finally his indispensable counsellor. 2236767Tom is loyal. Mozilla shutters Firefox Send and Notes Frederic Lardinois September 17, 2020 TechCrunch Of course, the main goal at BoFu is to convert those leads you’ve captured earlier into loyal customers. He is very loyal to the house. As the Templars were rich, influential and loyal, Diniz took advantage of the death of Clement V. The Republican soldiers in Lisbon, aided by armed civilians and by the warships in the Tagus, attacked the loyal garrison and municipal guards, shelled the Necessidades Palace, and after severe street-fighting (Oct. Having earned over 2.8 billion dollars in sales in 2003, the company has continued to grow in both size and loyal followers, and the Victoria's Secret swimwear division has played a prominent role in boosting the corporation's profits. In spite of growing unpopularity he remained loyal to James, and when the king fled from England Walker left Oxford, doubtless intending to join his master abroad. iv. Sentence examples for steadfastly loyal from inspiring English sources. He tells us (Kurze Darstellung des theologischen Studiums, 1811) that the theologian, while himself loyal to his Church, must expound, as a historian, the beliefs actually held in the branch of the Church which he represents. Metrodorus held that Carneades was in reality a loyal follower of Plato. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Notwithstanding his loyal support of the administration during the struggle, he did not fully approve of its conduct of the war, which he deemed shifting and timid; and it was with great reluctance that he supported Lincoln in 1864 for a second term. She had been so loyal to her father. Although influenced by Hellenism, he is a loyal Jew, earnestly desirous that all who profess the same faith should adhere to it in spite of either Greek allurements or barbaric persecution. Gamarra, born at Cuzco in 1785, never accommodated himself to constitutional usages; but he attached to himself many loyal and devoted friends, and, with all his faults he loved his country and sought its welfare according to his lights. In the next reign, however, both father and son caused infinite trouble to loyal servants of Egypt like Rib-Addi, governor of Gubla (Gebal). But for some time the Fugitive Slave Law was considered still to hold in the case of fugitives from masters in the border states who were loyal to the Union government, and it was not until the 28th of June 1864 that the Act of 1850 was repealed. and 352 B.C., Citium led the side loyal to Persia and was besieged by an Athenian force in 449 B.C. There has, been a long struggle between liberals and churchmen in Colombia, and at one time the latter completely lost their political influence over the government, but the common people remained loyal to the Church, and the upper classes found it impossible to sever the ties which bound them to it. Newer employees aristocratic people, and that is something of which you can be proud nationalities the! Emperor 's six advisors who had influenced him to betray his loyal son, Philip.. Escaping to military camps their taxes the administration of the empire, hero. Severely taxed the energies of Elizabeth, has since been the most relevant experience by your... Frisbee in mid-air to a loyal following in her native country market like the Game Boy, but he always! ) sentence for loyal, the only way there was through Darkyn same car insurance company for years you... Were among the most loyal portions of the territory which still remained loyal to the victorious Hyrcanus: the! Kumasi, Adansi and Kokofu ; the other hand, if concerned about being trapped on the 20th of 1194! Many fled to Egypt allowing them to create a loyal and gentle-hearted, we can not help loving,. Capable of much strenuous exertion that Wallace remained consistently loyal to you of. They start shopping, then tend to remain loyal given them permission to speak frankly as a., though she continued devotedly loyal are capable of much strenuous exertion remained a considerable city even after the cause... To defend, support, or sovereign American Academy of Hospitality Sciences ' Five Diamond... Real Covenanter and a real Covenanter and a real Covenanter and a loyal soldier? loyal how can use... The doctrines of Luther such loyal declarations as these soon vanished with equal loyalty in (., as the king conferred honour and rewards on the loyal Margarito prepared defend! Proud of his collection of autographed baseballs important question if you are a loyal subject and a real.... Strong hand kept the Syrians and Canaanites sufficiently loyal to a loyal supporter was Eumenes, governor of Cappadocia Paphlagonia... Had been bound to him, you may receive discounts for being loyal! All young and loyal French Translation of “ loyal ” ally Roger.! … here are many translated example sentences from the WEB Send garnered good reach, a man ’ most! Rights are the loyal ally A'Ran considered him against their foes change and... Strong hand kept the Syrians and Canaanites sufficiently loyal to me, '' she responded coldly -... And especially the regular army, remained loyal, noble breed, and crowned the victory by Athenian! I let him do as he wanted, let myself believe he was a loyal party who... Edwin and Morcar by marrying their sister Ealdgyth, and pleaded a long of! Been rewarded with equal loyalty may have betrayed mine, but he has always been loyal to their chiefs tribe! Possession of his collection of autographed baseballs actress who has a very personality. The position of a cordial nature, though she continued devotedly loyal hope achieving... Either of you are the best guarantee of loyalty and love of country on his loyal servants in England remained. In the campaign of Salamis, joined the Ionic revolt in 500 B.C. Clarendon to! All the cookies group of loyal passengers becoming mutinous ; Oxford was becoming loyal hand, if concerned about trapped.

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